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Evergreen is an expert domain name brokerage company. Its staff of industry experts helps clients find, buy, and sell domains that help businesses grow. The company is relatively new but its founders have been in the business for decades.

Now, they help everyone from start-ups to major brands find the premium domain names required to bolster online reputation and increase brand recognition.

Evergreen Domain Broker Services

When clients are looking for domain names for upcoming projects, they can turn to Evergreen for help. Their consulting services go beyond just figuring out how to acquire new domains to helping clients find the best ways to incorporate new domain names into their brands so that they accurately reflect the companies’ products, services, and values.

Evergreen offers secure, confidential domain-buying services to clients across the world, as well. Their process is simple. The brokers reach out to domain owners to form a connection, confirm the possibility of a sale, then work closely with clients to negotiate prices and terms before managing a secure escrow transaction.

Evergreen is a premium domain broker, which means it sells only high-value domain names. For those who meet the company’s requirements, the rest is easy. The company will find a qualified buyer, negotiate terms, execute the sales agreement, and manage every step of the transaction, all for reasonable fees.

Founders of Evergreen

Evergreen was founded by Jen Sale and Adam Strong in 2016, but the company’s leaders have been working in the industry for over 20 years. Their new project leverages their experience, knowledge, and networking connections to help both buyers and sellers get the services they need at fair prices.

How Does Evergreen Work?

Every company has a niche, and Evergreen’s niche is buying and selling premium domain names. The company’s client list includes DocuSign, AWS, PayPal, and other high-profile brands, which is a testament to its leaders’ abilities. The team brings all of the same industry knowledge, expertise, and personal dedication to bear on every transaction, so any business owner can expect fair prices, fast turnaround times, and amazing results.

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