Domain Appraisal Guide – How to Value a Domain Name in 2023

Domain Appraisal

Having the right domain name can make or break a company’s success. In today’s digital age, people want it to be easy to learn more about new brands before becoming loyal customers, and the first place they go is to a company’s website. That is where an accurate domain appraisal can come in handy. The […]

How to Recover a Lost Domain Name

Recover Lost Domain Name

When a domain expires, it is no longer accessible by its original owner. However, it is possible to get it back if you are diligent enough. Depending on the rules and regulations of the domain registrar, this process will vary. Regardless, you should be aware of how to recover a lost domain name. A domain’s […]

Domain Name Acquisitions: Strategies to Buy the Perfect Domain

Domain Name Acquisitions

It can be tricky to find the right domain name. There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the perfect domain name for your business. Domain name acquisitions can be tricky, but there are acquisition services to help you find the right deal at the right price. There are several different types […]

How to Avoid Domain Cybersquatting


Domain name investors have many things to worry about. They must ensure they have adequate cash flow, renewal fees to manage, and more. An often overlooked aspect of domaining is cybersquatting. What is this, why is it illegal, and how can domainers prevent cybersquatting? What is Cybersquatting? Cybersquatting, also known as domain squatting, is when […]

How to Contact a Domain Name Owner

Find Domain Owner

Several reasons may come up where you need to know who owns a particular domain name. Some people need this information because they wish to own the particular domain name. Other individuals are simply curious about who owns this internet real estate, want to form a partnership, or inquire about brokering the domain. It doesn’t […]

How to Sell a Website

Sell a Website

A person might start a website only to grow tired of running it after a few years. They see a better opportunity on the horizon and choose to take it. When this day arrives, the website owner must know the steps to sell a website and how they can get the highest price for their […]

Expired Domain Names: The Complete Guide

Expired Domains

Learn more about what expired domains are, how they are used, and why they provide so much value. What are Expired Domains? An expired domain is a domain name that reaches its expiration date before being renewed. During the domain expiry process, the domain eventually becomes available for someone else to register. A person or […]

Name Ninja | Domain Name Broker Review

Name Ninja

Any person or entity looking to secure their dream domain name should turn to Name Ninja for help in achieving this goal. The boutique domain name acquisition firm uses stealth services based on detective work and hostage negotiation to help clients get the desired names. The company focuses on domain name acquisition and social media […]

Lumis | Domain Name Broker Review


With so many businesses online these days, standing out in the eyes of the public and the search engines isn’t a simple matter. It takes the right combination of SEO, branding, offering exceptional products and services, and providing the best possible customer experience. Domain names are inextricably intertwined with those aspects, so finding one that […]

Prime Loyalty | Domain Name Broker Review

Prime Loyalty

Almost 200 million websites are now up and running, and that number is constantly growing. Competition is certainly on the rise in the business world, making online visibility a significant struggle. Because of that, businesses across the globe are on a mission to find the perfect domain names to help them stand out. With domain […]