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Any person or entity looking to secure their dream domain name should turn to Name Ninja for help in achieving this goal. The boutique domain name acquisition firm uses stealth services based on detective work and hostage negotiation to help clients get the desired names. The company focuses on domain name acquisition and social media handle acquisition. 

About Name Ninja

Bill Sweetman, a domain name expert, founded Name Ninja to help clients find solutions to their domain name challenges. His area of expertise is the domain aftermarket, focusing on premium domain names. Sweetman has worked in this industry for over 25 years and employs an international team of specialists. Most of these specialists come with over ten years of experience in the industry. 

Name Ninja Services

Domain name acquisition remains the company’s most popular offering. A client has a particular domain name in mind for their business, but another party has already secured this name. The Name Ninja team works to get this domain name for the client, using various methods to do so. 

Many clients turn to Name Ninja for help with social media handle acquisition. The team also works with those in need of domain name brokering, rescue, and protection. 

The experts at Name Ninja work with clients in need of a corporate domain name strategy and domain name portfolio management. As a result, clients only have one place to turn when they need help with anything related to a premium domain name. 

What Makes Name Ninja Different

Name Ninja recognizes clients know their organizations best and what their objectives are. However, they need help with domain names. 

A representative of Name Ninja sits down with the client to learn more about these objectives and the challenges being faced. With this information, the team develops feasible solutions. Once both parties agree on the solutions, the team works to advance these objectives, not stopping until the job is done. 

Contact Name Ninja for help with domain name acquisition, social media handle acquisition, and more. The team brings the experience and tools needed to get this job done, and the client is the one who benefits. 

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