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MediaOptions was founded in 2007 by Andrew Rosener as an independent domain brokerage firm. They have a great network around the world to help them buy and sell domain names quickly. They have a world-wide reputation, having sold domains to some of the biggest companies in the world. They are experts in domain names valuations, sales, and purchases.

When a person wants to go online with a product or service, they will need a domain name that is descriptive of their company. Sometimes the desired domain name has already been claimed by another party. Domain brokers like MediaOptions help the new business owner purchase their desired domain name from the person it is registered to.

How Does MediaOptions Work?

MediaOptions specializes in all the steps of the brokerage process of buying and selling domain names. This includes identifying the existing owner and negotiating a fair selling price for the domain name or website identity.

When a person needs a domain name that works well for them, the best way to acquire one is to hire a domain broker service to do the research and the acquisition. The buyer will pay the domain broker a percentage of the purchase price.

A domain broker can either help a person purchase a domain name or they can help a person sell a domain name. A person will contact the broker to identify good domain names, negotiate with the owner of that domain name for a fair price , and handle all the paperwork involved.

What Services Do They Offer?

MediaOptions services include buying and selling domain names for online companies around the world . Cyberspace is a valuable marketplace if a company has the right business plan and domain name. Simply put, this broker age service helps online companies purchase the right domain name for the right price. T hey handle all the details. In addition, this brokerage service helps companies sell domain names they no longer need for the best price possible.

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