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With so many businesses online these days, standing out in the eyes of the public and the search engines isn’t a simple matter. It takes the right combination of SEO, branding, offering exceptional products and services, and providing the best possible customer experience. Domain names are inextricably intertwined with those aspects, so finding one that works in tandem with a business’s other efforts is crucial.

Domain names are integral components of branding, online visibility, search engine rankings, and many other aspects of today’s businesses. Lumis is dedicated to helping companies make the most of all the benefits the right domain names have to offer. Their team members assist clients with building and publicizing their brands.

Partnering with Businesses to Generate Results

As domain name brokers, Lumis has helped numerous clients acquire their desired domains. Since opening its doors, the company has brokered hundreds of millions of dollars in online assets. By extension, it has aided a long list of businesses in meeting their visibility and sales goals. Unlike many other domain name brokers, the company works solely with buyers rather than assisting both buyers and sellers.

Lumis’ team focuses on clients individually. That allows the company to tailor its services according to each client’s specific needs. Along the way, Lumis brokers maintain a policy of transparency while helping clients remain within their budgets. Though in-demand domain names tend to bring premium prices, Lumis is dedicated to negotiating fair market prices for clients and ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises involved in the process.

About the Lumis Team

Founded by Hobi and Slade Michalec and Keith Richter, Lumis has risen through the ranks to become a leader in the domain name brokering realm. Its highly experienced team of acquisition experts is available to help clients secure the domain names that can take their brands to the next level.

In addition to providing brokering services to help clients secure their domain names, the company makes several resources available to its clients to further foster the acquisition process. Lumis’s team members know what it takes to successfully negotiate domain name contracts no matter which hurdles may stand in the way.

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