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Guta is a brokerage firm that specializes in helping people purchase or sell domain names. These professionals act as the intermediary between their clients and domain sellers or buyers. With this review, you will learn more about the company and what you can expect from its services.

Domain Name Services Offered by Guta

Guta works with a variety of clients but specializes in brokering domain names that form a bridge between the Chinese and global markets. These professionals buy and sell domain names and take care of each step involved in the process.

Those interested in selling a domain name simply need to send a link to the service for review. They work to market domain names to potential buyers and sell them quickly for their clients. Unlike some domain brokerage firms, Guta does not require any upfront costs. They only get paid after a successful sale.

Who Founded Guta?

Guta was founded by George Hong, a Chinese-American and long-time expert in the field of domain brokerage. At present, Hong is focused on helping businesses in the Western world connect with the Chinese to buy or sell domains.

The company has worked tirelessly to broker many of the top domain names in the world and has successfully helped clients buy or sell domain names from all countries, even though they specialize in the Chinese markets.

George Hong first entered the domain name arena over a decade ago. Guta has become a company Westerners rely on for purchasing domain names from the Chinese. His relationships with both cultures have allowed him to become a highly trusted brokerage firm that is sought after by many clients each year.

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