GoDaddy Domain Broker Service

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Investors and webmasters looking to purchase a domain name that isn’t available on the open market turn to the GoDaddy broker service for help in obtaining this name. The broker team has resources available to discover who owns the chosen name and how to contact them. Is this the right service to use?

What Does the GoDaddy Broker Service Do?

Clients pay the GoDaddy Domain Broker Service to determine who owns a domain name and acquire it. The broker team handles negotiations on behalf of the client and closes the deal.

The tools used by the brokerage service make it easy to find the owner of a domain name. Privacy rules and regulations make it difficult for the average person to locate this information. The WhoIs and ICANN databases are no longer offering this information readily, so interested parties must use other methods.

The brokerage service provides a professional front for the client and advocates on their behalf. The buyer remains anonymous throughout the process, as well. However, this is no guarantee the team will be successful, and clients must recognize this.

GoDaddy Broker Service Fee

Clients pay $99.99 to receive access to the brokerage team. If they are successful in securing a deal, they receive a 20 percent commission based on the ultimate sale price.

The client provides a figure they want to spend. The team works to secure the domain name at that price or lower.

Terms of Service

Individuals do not receive a refund of the $99.99 service fee if the team cannot secure the desired domain name. They work to secure this name for 30 days maximum. If the owner makes an offer during the process, the client has ten days to accept or reject it.

When the 30 days are coming to a close, the owner may choose to make a counteroffer. If they do so, the client then has ten business days to accept or reject the counteroffer.

Clients who understand these basic points are typically satisfied with the service. Those who are unhappy typically find they didn’t understand the terms of service.

Consider using the GoDaddy Broker Service if the desired domain name isn’t available. With the tools and resources available to this team of professionals, the odds of securing the name increase.

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