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Domain Holdings

Domain Holdings is a domain name broker that helps buyers find domains and sellers find qualified buyers. The company focuses on premium domains, which are domain names that are highly sought after and well-priced. It also offers specialized stealth acquisition services for those who need some extra confidentiality.

About Domain Holdings

Domain Holdings was co-founded by John Ferber and Chad Folkening, both of whom have extensive industry experience. Folkening is a seasoned domain name broker, and Ferber co-founded the brand, which sold for $500 million. When combined with that of their expert team, Folkening and Ferber’s combined industry experience approaches 100 years.

Domain Holdings provides a range of services, from domain name appraisals to stealth acquisitions. The company has been around for long enough to develop an impressive client list and a stellar reputation. With 100 years of combined experience, the company’s staff boasts a greater knowledge base and ability to broker premium domain name transactions. The company provides good value for a modest commission to buyers, sellers, and those interested in domain valuations.

Services for Domain Buyers

Domain Holdings works with buyers of all types, from Fortune 500 leaders to average Americans. The company makes the process of finding and purchasing the perfect domain easy for business owners, bloggers, and others, by offering access to its huge network of sellers and premium domain names.

Services for Domain Sellers

As one of the industry’s top outbound domain name brokerages, Domain Holdings has facilitated millions of dollars in recorded sales. They charge only reasonable, industry-standard commissions without any upfront fees and provide remarkably fast turnaround times.

In addition to its brokerage services, offers professional domain name valuations. They work with current domain owners, potential buyers, and other interested parties to provide accurate appraisals of what domain names are really worth.

Domain Holdings Stealth Acquisitions

Sometimes, buyers want to acquire high-value domain names without creating a lot of fuss or publicity, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it takes a team of dedicated industry experts with a reputation for maintaining client confidentiality.

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