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Buckley Media is more than just a premium domain brokerage. The company combines domain name sales and acquisition assistance with branding services to create holistic solutions for modern companies.

Buckley Media’s Branding Services

Buckley Media’s branding specialists believe that a company’s brand should tell an engaging and inspiring story. They help clients discover and create unique, compelling, and relatable stories not just through naming and domain acquisition but also through taglines, mission statements, marketing, and more.

Premium Domain Brokerage Services

The pros at Buckley Media have decades of combined experience in domain name acquisition and divestiture in addition to naming, branding, and other key services. They have access to an extensive network of premium domain name buyers and sellers, making it easy to develop deals that benefit both parties.

Domain Consultation and Appraisal Services

In addition to domain name acquisition and divestiture, Buckley Media also offers consulting services to buyers, sellers, and companies interested in improving their brands. The first consultation is free, so there’s no reason for business owners not to reach out.

The domain appraisals provided by Buckley Media are personally created by Kate Buckley, the company’s founder. She has been working in the industry since 1998 and in that time, Buckley has become an expert at providing accurate valuations and reports.

Buckley Media Team

The company Buckley Media was founded by Kate Buckley after years in the industry. She continues to both act as CEO and to maintain a hands-on approach to managing the company with the help of a small team of highly skilled specialists, including: Senior broker and brand analyst Todd Henderson, Corporate domain services specialist Carla Westerdale, Consumer insights and innovation expert Sarah Buckley Faulkner, Digital marketing and e-commerce specialist Alex Jewett, and Graphic and web designer Jason Simon.

These company leaders’ diverse experience and dedication help Buckley Media stand out from the crowd.

As one of only a handful of female-owned domain brokerages, Buckley Media has already made a name for itself thanks to its founder’s unique vision and the company’s ongoing commitment to providing boutique brokerage services and holistic branding strategies. The brokerage is perfect for those who want more help with establishing their brands than just getting the right domain name.

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