The Best Domain Name Investing Tools

Best Domain Investing Tools
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Domain name investors utilize tools to find new domain names, improve their sales, and increase their revenue. Depending on the type of investor, certain tools provide access to new trends and information that can help them beat the competition. Check out these domain investing tools to work your way to becoming a better domainer.

Finding quality domain names to invest in can be a headache, but thanks to, domainers can find virtually any domain name. This tool scans available domain names that can be registered, bought at auction, or caught during the expiration process. As a free tool, almost every domain investor utilizes this website to expand their domain acquisition stream.


As any real estate agent would tell you, knowing comparable sales helps with pricing assets. This goes the same for domain name investing. Namebio lists hundreds of daily domain sales and transactions. With free and paid versions, domainers can see what certain domains have sold for and follow trends about which keywords are most valuable.

While changes in domain records have made WHOIS less important, it can still help you find the owner of a domain name. Sites like allow users to enter a domain name and check if the owner’s contact information is public. If so, domainers can contact the owner to buy or sell them a domain.

Similarly to WHOIS records, DomainIQ provides insight to important domain data. This includes the current and previous owners, updates to nameservers, and whether the name is being transferred. This type of info helps domainers learn if a domain is for sale, if it recently sold, and if it is being actively used.


For domain investors who are SEO savvy, understanding the SEO metrics of a domain is crucial. Tools like SEMRush provide insight to a domain name’s backlink profile, ranking keywords, and competition from other websites.

As is often the case with expiring domain names, many domains were previously used as websites. If you’re curious what website used to be hosted on a certain domain, then shows screenshots from the past if a website was live on the domain.

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